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7suns American products are the highest quality skin balms for indoor tanning.

During the tanning process skin is exposed to extreme conditions. 7suns cosmetics help to keep the skin balanced, as they protect, care and moisturize it with double strength, which your tanned skin really needs.

Our balms are not only tanning boosters, but thanks to the highest quality ingredients, they are considered to the most effective products for daily care and skin protection.

7suns are perfect balms – easily absorbed, long-term moisturize and nourish the skin, and in addition leave it soft, smooth and beautifully scented. Moreover, all our balms contain specially selected ingredients that neutralize the unpleasant after tanning odours and include antibacterial ingredients as well.

Effects and sensations arising from the use of our lotions are difficult to describe, so it`s best to try and see for yourself! 

For Hair Loreal,Olaplex





With ground-breaking molecular precision technology,

we offer professional haircare for all hair types.

Discover the best hair treatments for healthy hair,

our professional staff will match perfect hair care to match your hair type.


Natural Collagen Suplements and creams

Collagen Colway is very different to many other skin care and supplement products on the market and needs a special attention paid to how it is stored and delivered to customers.This is one reason a direct sales/ multilevel marketing system was carefully kosmetykichosen as the most suitable way to distribute the product. Another very important reason for choosing this route is that it gives the product more credibility. Personal experience and the positive results of thousands of collagen consumers (who have also shared their genuine experiences with family and friends) prove value of this approach.

Aware that some direct selling/multilevel marketing organisations have developed poor reputations and practices Maria and Alina were determined to build the company which is modern, ethical, people-orientated, and with a strong personal touch.

Maria and Alina believe that you can only build a business by developing trust and relationships first, then the business will grow (and in the right way). Reflecting this philosophy the company offers a generous and achievable Compensation Plan since Maria and Alina believe people should be rewarded for their efforts and never deprived of the results of their work they once achieved. This is why all earned positions in the company and discount levels are never taken away from our distributors.

The flexibility and generosity of the Collagen Colway scheme means that over time meaningful second incomes can be built.