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Now in Swords Tanning Salon !

Get excellent Tan and sculpt the body in just 10 minutes – the side-alternating vibration plate vibra Nano makes it possible. In a 10-minute training session, muscles in the abdomen, legs and lower back are stimulated without straining the joints, by simulating the movements people make by walking. This ensures healthy vibration units during tanning on the basis of medical research. Blood flow is increased, the breakdown of fat burning is boosted, physical performance is enhanced and muscle building promoted.
Thanks to the 3 training levels in the three different settings – Fitness, Relax and Wellness – a myriad of training effects is achieved. All of this without physical exertion. The vibraNano is optionally available in all Tower models and can of course also be used without tanning.

New Sunbeds 2017 in Salon Tanning Swords


MegaSun Stand Up & Ergoline Sun Beds available now in Swords Tanning.

New Technology Double Bronzing Bulbs,
Best quality and service in Swords.

Tanning sessions from €1/min
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MegaSun with VibroNano Plate

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